Tax & Incentives Laws

We help our clients in comprehensive planning to achieve tax-efficient outcomes

Business and investment transactions have tax ramifications that should be evaluated and appraised in order to minimize their adverse effect on the intended economic benefits. Our firm's Tax Law Practice Group assists clients in assessing said tax implications and in comprehensive planning to achieve tax-efficient outcomes. We also assist or clients in applying for Puerto Rico's unique set of tax incentives and tax credits in various industries.

TCM's Tax Law Practice Group counsels and represents companies and individuals in connection with:

  • Puerto Rico tax law matters, including income, property, excise, sale and use, and municipal taxes;
  • United States federal income taxes;
  • Tax considerations of forming Puerto Rico, United States and foreign corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities, as well as mergers, acquisitions and separations;
  • Tax due diligence to ascertain tax liabilities and contingencies upon mergers and acquisitions;
  • Industrial, tourism, film industry, solar and green energies, and other tax exemptions, credits and incentives laws, including: structuring entities and operations to maximize exemptions and incentives, preparation of applications for tax exemptions and tax credits related to investments for the acquisition of industrial businesses in the process of closing operations, among other tax credits;
  • Tax implications of owning real estate in Puerto Rico and real estate transactions, including: purchasing and selling real estate and entities holding real estate;
  • Organizing entities to hold real estate, including partnerships and real estate investment trusts (REITs);
  • Tax considerations of and structuring the issuance of securities, private placement transactions, private equity funds, derivative, financial products, regulated investment companies and other investments;
  • Procuring private ruling letters and closing agreements before Puerto Rico tax authorities and applying for and obtaining special tax elections such as pass-through status; and
  • Tax litigation



Practice Group Members: